The gates of Yellowstone are open. The tourists are back. Let the games begin.

Day 3 - SCORE - Bison 1, tourists 0.

Whose fault it was depends on who you are hearing the story from.

NBC news, which is staffed by a bunch of reporters who don't live out this way - and don't care to - ran the headline WOMAN ATTACKED BY BISON. This makes it sound like it's the animal's fault and not the woman's.

The New York Post blames the animal as well when they write, "A woman was injured by a bison at Yellowstone." To be fair, the bison butted her, she did not headbutt it. But she started it. Just ask the bison. To be fair to The New York Post, they do mention that the woman had gotten too close. But that brings us back to, 'she started it.'

But a Wyoming publication, Cowboy State Daily, which is seen as a conservative news publication, blames the woman with the headline, "Tourist Forgets To Social Distance Gets Head Butted In Yellowstone." I have no idea where the woman's "Yellowstone" is but that sounds more painful than being butted in the head.

All we know is that a woman was approaching the bison near the Old Faithful Upper Geyser Basin area and, well, how close did she get? Close enough to be head butted apparently.

These animals practice "social distancing". Keep enough distance and they will not bother you. We know that. People from other parts of the country don't.

The bison is okay, in case you were wondering. His heavy skull and thick fuzzy coat provided both enough hard and soft protection that he never felt a thing. Good thing the animal had all of that head protection against the woman's thick skull.

At this point you can tell what part of the county I live in, because I care more about the health and well being of the native Wyoming citizen than the tourist.

The woman is fine too. She was checked out by park rangers and refused any medical treatment or even a trip to the hospital.

Unfortunately for that woman's family, she will be telling this story over and over again for the rest of her life. "Yes grandma. You were headbutted by a bison at Yellowstone. We know."

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