The new Dollar General is open for business in little Glenrock, Wyoming. Population  2,576.

WOW - there's finally something to do in Glenrock!

Please don't misunderstand, the town of Glenrock is one of Wyoming's cutest little places to be. It's just that if you want something to do in Glenrock you have to leave Glenrock to find it.



"My wife spent 4 hours browsing it," said Ernest Pickering. "She plans to go back tomorrow and browse again."

Both Ernest and his wife were born and raised in little Glenrock. Now, in their later years, they have gotten used to having nothing to do.

"Then all of a sudden she all excited that we have something new in town," said Ernest. "Ain't never seen her get excited about nothing - ever. Not even on our wedding day, or night."

I asked Ernest if he was worried that his wife might blow a bunch of money at the new store.

"It's a dollar store," Ernest chuckled. "It will take her a while to spend enough for me to worry about."

Okay fine, but what about how much she buys?

Wide view of suburban yard sale
David Sacks

"Now that has me concerned," said Ernest. "Just imagine what Glenrock Yard Sales are going to state looking like as everybody tries to get rid of everything they bought at Dollar General. And everything will be at those yard sales for less than a dollar."

Well, despite the grumblings of Ernest, the town had a grand old time at their new Dollar General grand opening.

"We won't just save money buying crap we waste money on," said Juniper Lance. "We won't have to spend a lot of money on gas to get to Casper to buy crap we don't need! WHAT A SAVINGS?"

Meanwhile, the mayor of Casper was a bit concerned about the new Dollar General in Glenrock.

Lady pushing a shopping cart in the supermarket.

"A big part of Casper's revenue is bored people from Glenrock coming to Casper and milling about our dollar stores. They spend a lot of money here on crap. I can't imagine what their yard sales look like. Everything under a dollar? Anyway - The city is going to miss that revenue." 

"I'm sure they will still need to come to Casper for something," I said.

"WELL - that's true," said Casper's mayor. "We have like a half dozen really fun car washes to drive through. I know they love that."

ACTUAL NOTE FROM JOHN IN GLENROCK AFTER HE HEARD THIS STORY ON THE RADIO: "We have a tennis ball that we share for something to do also."

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