Some people drive way out West to see what "Fly Over Country" looks like from the ground.

They also want to experience "The Old West."

But once they get out here they begin to wonder, why people live out here.

It's just miles of endless NOTHING and towns so small they seem more like neighborhoods.

At that point, they usually feel sorry for us.

I've lived in major cities. Several, in fact.

They do have a lot to offer...

But more and more American major cities are falling apart.

Not all of them, but some cities that used to be incredible sites are just not worth visiting anymore.

Does anyone have any desire to even visit San Franciso? It used to be a golden wonder of a city.

Visit there today and you'll see homelessness, violent crime, and human feces on the street.

Forget living there. The local city council is worse than the worst homeowners association.

These days it's unaffordable to live and work in San Fran'.

Buildings are falling apart and nobody can afford to repair them.

Entire companies are packing up and leaving. They just can't do business anymore.

Aside from San Fran', many other cities up and down the West Coast are in the same shape.

Forget living in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Pittsburg...

The list grows ever longer.

There are a few great cities still out there (Like Tampa). But, personally, I've had enough.

I've been living in Wyoming for about 16 years.

I can honestly say that I no longer desire city life.

A couple of years ago a writer for an NYC newspaper wrote about how sorry he feels for people who live in states like Wyoming.


I do get a little sick of hearing from some snobbish city dwellers that they feel sorry for those who live way out west in small towns- in states like Wyoming.


Folks in New York City seem to think that rural schools would have to be inferior. If that's the case then why are so many people pulling their kids out of failed city schools and moving to small-town school districts? NYC schools often suffer problems of bullying, teacher's unions, violence, and overcrowding to name just a few issues.

Glenrock Wyoming schools might have the occasional scuffle between growing boys behind the gym after class, but that's about it.

Folks in NYC tend to think small-town people are undereducated. But small-town people attend major universities just like they do. Since major city schools are so bad I'd say there are more under-educated dropouts in NYC than in Glenrock Wyoming.


NYC, like all major cities, has high crime and murder rates. America watches nightly riots, looting, and gang violence.

A Glenrock police deputy tested his lights and sirens the other day just to see if they worked. It has been so long since the townspeople heard that noise, their kids freaked out.


In NYC a commute can take over an hour to drive which should take just a few minutes. The gridlock is beyond frustrating. Constant accidents, no place to park, and tolls everywhere. If you own a car in NYC you'll need to rent a parking space in a garage to keep it. That will cost you about $425 a month on average. 

In Glenrock folks can park on the curb, free of charge. Plus every home and apartment has its own driveway.

The only traffic problem Glenrock, Wyoming has is when the antelope decide to hang out in the middle of town.

Directions in Glenrock are easy. There is one, four way stop in town. No traffic light. If you ask directions everyone will tell you to go to the 4 way stop and --- from there...


NYC has garbage, dirty needles, and drug addicts lining the sidewalks. Don't even get me started on their rat problem. NYC and other major cities actually pay teams of people to scrape up human poop from the sidewalks.

Glenrock has the occasional dead skunk in the road and a little deer poop. The deer poop is actually good for the lawn.

New Yorkers don't have lawns.


Want to buy a small apartment in NYC? According to the Corcoran Group, the real estate brokerage, the median price of a simple two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is now $916,000. The median price of a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is $710,000

Here is a 5 Beds 3 Baths 4,434 Sq Ft house in Glenrock for $549,000.


In NYC people pay about 51% of their income in taxes.

In comparison, Glenrock has VERY LOW taxes and Wyoming doesn't have a state income tax.


Don't make eye contact and say hello to someone in NYC. Like in all other cities that's considered creepy.

In Glenrock, people say hello to strangers they pass. Heck, they even raise two fingers to strangers driving the other way on a back highway.


NYC politicians are corrupt and stupid. What does that say about the people who keep electing them?

NYC is run by organized crime.

Glenrock Wyoming is run by Councilwoman AnnaBelle "Boots" Faunce who tells it like it is down at the Classic Café. (Yes, that is a real person and a real place). When Annabelle is busy with the grandkids everyone refers to Margaret. 


Some ignorant and ungrateful people in NYC think small-town people are stupid for choosing the work they do. What they don't realize is that their city lifestyle would not be possible if those small-town people in Glenrock were not producing food, energy, and all the material they use for everything else the city has.

Glenrock has fresh air. That air is not filled by the sounds of traffic and sirens 24/7.

I quit scoring a while ago. I think we see who's won here.


The White Wolf Saloon, Douglas Wyoming

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