Where I grew up, just above the Everglades in Florida, airboats are used to get across low water levels like swamps and marshes.

It's a flat bottom boat with a big propeller on the back.

The "pilot" steers it by turning two big fins in the back that direct the air.

There are not too many places that an airboat can't go.

So what happens when Texas gets a little snow, and BUBA has an airboat?

Well, that just makes for slick roads and a lot of fun.

For our first video lets get out there in the middle of the road and go nuts doing donuts.

A cop and try and chase the boat. But the cop has tires. That's not good on snow and ice. The airboat can cross over about anything.

The guy you see in the video above is a recent case of airboating over snow and ice. But he's not the only one's who's ever tried it.

As I said, there are not too many places an airboat can't go.

So when people who own them look at a field of snow or a frozen lake, it gets them to thinking.

That's where the fun begins.

For this next video, lets go EXTREME!

This guys are pushing airboating on snow to the limit.

The only hard part is stopping on ice. But they work that out. Stopping in snow is much easier.

After watching a few of these videos it seems like that airboating over snow might be better than using a snow mobile.

Well, maybe.

There seems to be less control with an airboat.

But at least the boat always stays on top of the snow.

Even snowmobiles sink in and get stick now and then.

With the extra space up front there is plenty of room for camping equipment.

Heck, you can pitch a tent or build an enclosure over the front to keep warm at night.

There are a lot of possibilities.

Here is another extreme video.

Honestly, this looks like so much fun I'm a little surprised that I only see airboats in those southern states.

This looks like something we need to bring to Wyoming.

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