I might be a little obsessed with Wyoming ranches. I've shared many from around the state, but I don't recall any near Buffalo...until now. It's the most expensive property near Buffalo and it's situated in the foothills of the Bighorns.

If you do a search on Realtor for the most expensive properties near Buffalo, Wyoming, this is at the top of the list. It's a more than $5 million dollar ranch that sits right at the bottom of the Bighorns.

5 Million Dollar Buffalo Ranch in Foothills of the Bighorns

I have only one complaint about this gorgeous Wyoming property. Would love to see more pictures of the home, but that's a tiny problem considering the fact that this ranch is all about the land. Gorgeous Wyoming Bighorn land.

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The address on Realtor is shown to be 343 Upper French Creek, Buffalo, Wyoming. The truth is it's about 10 minutes away from Buffalo proper, but you get the idea. The listing mentions the possibility of someone developing this into a recreational area. When you factor in the mountains and all of the wildlife in the area, that sounds like a great idea to me also.

What does this kind of Wyoming ranch property cost ya? The current asking price is $5,150,000. Based on how Realtor listings, that makes it the most expensive property currently available near Buffalo.

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Wyoming's Most Expensive Home Currently Available

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