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Change of seat. 2023 PBR Teams Cheyenne Wy.

There you are, riding a bull...

He tosses his hips up and POPS you high into the air.

Well, you're not hanging on after that move.

So now that you're flying through the air, a big mad bull below you, you might want to think about where you're going to land.

OH LOOK! There's a starting gate over there that looks comfortable.

Why not have a seat?

Watch the video below, you won't believe this.

I tried to capture still shots of this moment in action, but it's all a blur.

Did that cowboy do that intentionally?

Probably not.

It's more like he just found himself sailing that way and decided to take advantage of the situation.

Nice landing pal.

Now you have bragging rights, for the rest of your life.

That comes with the video to prove it.

Oh, you know he'll be using this video to try and pick up chicks.

The only problem, when something like this happens, is that he will be talking about this for THE REST OF THIS STINKING LIFE!

attachment-Cowboy lands on gate

I feel sorry for this family and friends.

"YES, YES, we know. You saw that gate below you and grabbed it, making the perfect landing like you meant to do that."

Nobody will ever want to have Thanksgiving dinner with that cowboy again.

YOU KNOW he's going to bring it up.

Go out for a drink? NO THANKS!

Unless you promise to NOT tell that story again.

This is worse than someone shooting a hole-in-one at your local golf course.

STILL! That was cool, wasn't it?

The odds of that happening to anyone ever again are slim.

But not zero.

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