Burger King will soon begin selling Whoppers that say is sourced from cows that belch less and fart less - in order to fight climate change.

Remember when we tested the Impossible Burger? That's the Burger King attempt to fight climate change with a meatless meat burger.

In the video below, you'll see come cute kids singing a cowboy song about why cow farts are a problem and what Burger King plans to do about it. No really, they got these kids to sing a song about it.

Restaurant Brands International Inc. owns Burger King. They will debut a sandwich  where the cattle were raised on a diet supplemented with lemongrass, the company said. They claim that makes cows fart less. It might, or it might just make their farts smell like lemons. Not sure here.

“To make a real impact in the world, we need the whole industry to change,” Fernando Machado, Burger King’s global chief marketing officer, said in an interview. “Just offering this at Burger King is kind of like a drop in the ocean.”

But the research is sketchy.

Researchers and companies have explored a range of feed supplements over the years to cut cow farts. But the diets only partly cuts emissions, at best.

There is also hard debate in the scientific community if cow farts are causing warming. As has always been the case, scientists do not agree and the question is not settled.

Some research shows that removing all livestock and poultry from the U.S. alone would only reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 0.36 percent. Even then there is debate as to if these emissions are actually causing a problem.


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