On Wednesday 01/15/20, Campbell County School District administrators spoke to board members on the subject of arming teachers in schools. The county has been working on a draft policy of rules rules to allow teachers and administrators to carry guns on school grounds.

The board approved the district to start working on the policy this past September after several months of consideration.

Campbell County School District Deputy Superintendent Kirby Eisenhauer spoke with Wyoming Public Media and said the draft is nearly finished.

"What we've come up with is a six-page policy, 22 pages of regulations, that's divided up into five different sections. We will expose what the application would like if the board approves the policy moving forward. People would know what is expected of the people who might be considered for being armed," he said.

The group is considering what other counties have done so far, including Fremont and Park Counties, in order to write the Campbell County Policy.

The county has also been working on an armed educator policy and meeting with city and county officials to find more school resource officers.

Administrators are planning to present the policy during it's meetings on Jan. 28. The public will be able to read the policy on Jan. 23, so they can prepare for the meeting.


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