The discussion comes up a lot, and there are many Wyomingites that feel that Wyoming should be treated like the 1999 Brad Pitt/ Edward Norton movie 'Fight Club'...

The first rule of Fight Club is, we don't talk about Fight Club

Many believe that if you don't talk about Wyoming, outsiders won't find out about how great it is. In turn, they won't move here and try to change things.

Unfortunately for them, millions of people come to Wyoming every year for vacation, and some decide this is the place they want to live. They return home and begin the process of moving to Wyoming.

Now, once they start doing a little more research about the state, their objective may change and visiting may look better than actually living here. If you need huge crowds, traffic, a large selection of restaurants, multiple options for shopping and entertainment that doesn't include history, nature or rodeos...Wyoming may not be for you.

There's a good chance your research will lead you to YouTube and you'll see videos of families on vacation, adrenaline junkies, cowboys and truckers, explaining the high's & low's of Wyoming. You may be researching the best places to start looking for a house and find out that many of the "best places" have less than 4,000 people.

Less than 4,000 people means you'll have the basics, but you're going to have to travel quite a way to get to a bigger city for things like Walmart.

The YouTube channel World According to Briggs, does a really good job of explaining what you're going to expect and experience when moving to Wyoming. His latest 'Wyoming' video, is about the '10 Best Places to Call Home in Wyoming', every one of the top 10 have a population of less than 4,000 and the closest Walmart to most of them is about an hour away.

For the list, he used crime rate, affordability, outdoor recreation, and quality of life numbers to come up with the Top 10.

Here are the 10 Best Places To Call Home according to Briggs

10. Greybull

9. Thermopolis

8. Basin

7. Lovell

6. Kemmerer

5. Lusk

4. Afton

3. Wheatland

2. Ranchester

1. Glenrock

Congratulations, Glenrock for being the best place to call home in Wyoming.

Take a look at the video and reasoning behind his list.

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