The Casper City Council voted unanimously at their regular session on Tuesday to change the open container resolution that had been approved at the previous work session on May 25.

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City Manager Carter Napier said to the council that the previous resolution passed by the council had included some scrivener errors that an amendment would correct.

The new resolution includes a section requiring any business wishing to have an open container event must provide the City Clerk's Office five days notice.

Napier said this is to allow the city time to provide the appropriate amount of staff needed, based on the size of whatever event a business may put on.

Another change to the resolution was the area open containers would be allowed in, with the previous area going all the way down South Elm Street, however the new resolution stops at the southern edge of the Yellowstone garage outdoor stage area.

The resolution previously also allowed for the area to be on both sides of the street, however it has been changed to not include the west side of Oak Street and the east side of: South Ash Street, South Center Street, and South Wolcott Street.


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