A Casper doctor is facing a pending suspension of his physician's license after Homeland Security intercepted approximately 44.8 grams of suspected amphetamines that were shipped from outside the United States to the doctor's home in Casper, Wyoming.

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That's according to a complaint filed by the Wyoming Board of Medicine on March 17, 2022.

According to the complaint, Dr. Brock A. Anderson is currently facing a suspension of his license due to the purchase and consumption of illegal narcotics.

According to the complaint, on or about January 21, 2022, Investigator Connie Schepp, an investigator with the Wyoming Board of Medicine received a phone call from a Task Force Officer (TFO) of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. The TFO told Investigator Schepp that an investigation was being conducted regarding Dr. Anderson. A Special Agent with the Division of Criminal Investigation provided Investigator Schepp with a report that detailed the allegations towards Dr. Anderson.

The report stated that on November 5, 2021, federal Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents in Dallas-Ft. Worth Texas, intercepted approximately 44.8 grams of suspected amphetamines that were being shipped from outside the United States to Dr. Anderson's home in Casper.

According to the report, when the Special Agents processed the evidence, they found one plastic bag containing four smaller plastic bags. The report stated that the bags contained 52 2-fluoromethamphetamine pills and 25 3-fluoromethamphetamine pills.

Both substances are classified as Schedule II controlled substances, under Wyoming law.

The report further stated that on January 21, 2022, two DCI agents went to the Casper residence of Dr. Anderson.

"When Dr. Anderson answered the door, he gave agents consent to enter the residence and speak with him," the report stated. "He was advised of the ongoing investigation into the alleged attempt to illegal import and/or possess controlled substances, and was advised of his Miranda rights."

The report noted that Dr. Anderson agreed to speak with agents, and that the interview was recorded.

"The report alleges that Dr. Anderson told the investigators he had been using controlled substances since September 2021, due to personal and professional stressors," the complaint stated. "Dr. Anderson allegedly said he had avoided seeking legally prescribed controlled substances because he did [SIC] want others to know if his personal or professional struggles or his use of controlled substances."

The complaint stated that Dr. Anderson allegedly emailed one of the agents three receipts from a company outside of the United States for purchases of various substances, including what he described as "2FMA, a stimulant, and 4FMPH. The 4FMPH is 4-fluoromethylphenidate, which is described as a stimulant with higher potency.

"Dr. Anderson allegedly told agents the controlled substances he purchased were 'research chemicals' and 'functional stimulants,' the complaint said. "When asked what research he was conducting, Dr. Anderson allegedly described it as being personal use and/or experimentation.

The complaint stated that Dr. Anderson gave verbal and written consent to search a residence of a different address that was owned by him. The report alleges that he confirmed the presence of suspected illegal controlled substances in that residence.

While Dr. Anderson continued being interviewed by agents other agents searched his residence.

"The Report alleges that a 'felony amount of suspected illegal narcotics was discovered in the residence,'" the complaint stated. "The Report alleges that among six suspected controlled substances seized from the residence owned by Dr. Anderson, the following tested presumptively positive:

  • Suspected methamphetamine and/or MDMA (Schedule II and/or I);
  • Suspected fentanyl (Schedule II); and,
  • Suspected phencyclidine (Schedule I)"

The complaint then detailed a Summary Suspension given by the Wyoming Board of Medicine.

"The Board is concerned by Dr. Anderson's alleged attempts to procure controlled substances through non-medical and possibly illegal channels, allegedly for 'research chemicals' or 'functional stimulants' to research personal use and/or experimentation," the summary stated.

"The Board is further concerned that Dr. Anderson allegedly sought to procure controlled substances to self-treat for personal and professional stressors," the summary continued. "The Board is deeply concerned that, if proven, the above actions by Dr. Anderson would constitute one or more violations of the Wyoming Medical Practice Act."

The complaint continued, stating that "The Board is led to find that for all the reasons stated above, Dr. Anderson's continued possession of a Wyoming physician license, and his ongoing practice of medicine in Wyoming using that license, poses an imminent and immediate threat to the public health, safety, and welfare of the people of Wyoming that imperatively requires an immediate summary suspension of his Wyoming Physician license."

The Board ordered Dr. Anderson to undergo "one or more mental, physical, or medical competency examinations, '[i]f a disciplinary proceeding is pending against the licensee at the time of the order, the proceeding shall be stayed until the results of the examination have been finalized and submitted to the board.'"

The complaint stated that copies of the order will be sent to the chief of medical staff and the hospital administrator of each hospital in which Dr. Anderson has medical staff privileges, as well as all appropriate agencies including the Federation of State Medical Boards, the National Practitioner Data Bank, and other state medical boards.

"It is hereby ordered, based upon the forgoing Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, that Brock A. Anderson, M.D.'s Wyoming physician license No. 8753A and his authority and ability to practice medicine in the State of Wyoming shall be SUMMARILY SUSPENDED as of 9L00 a.m. Thursday, March 17, 2022, and said suspension shall continue pending the filing of a formal Petition setting forth in detail the alleged violations of the Wyoming Medical Practice Act by Dr. Anderson and the completion of a contested case hearing on, or other resolution of, said action."

Dr. Anderson is/was a physician at Wyoming Surgical Associates, PC. According to their website, Dr. Anderson grew up in Casper and graduated from Montana State University, followed by the University of Washington Medical School, which he graduated with high honors from in 2005.

"Dr. Anderson completed his General Surgery Residency training at the University of California – Davis," the website stated. "During his Chief Resident year, he received awards for Resident Teacher of the Year and Outstanding Chief Resident as Clinician & Teacher. Dr. Anderson then went on to do advanced training through a fellowship in Trauma and Critical Care at UC-Davis. He states that he is very happy to be back in his hometown to enjoy the quality of life that Casper offers and to provide surgical care for his fellow Wyomingites. Dr. Brock Anderson is board certified in General Surgery and also in Trauma & Critical Care. He has been practicing with our group since 2011."

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