Just before 6 am on Thursday morning Don Day sent me this note:

Looks like Casper, WY may have set an all time record low of -42F this morning, old record of -41F in 1990.

According to Don Day, of Day Weather, Casper Wyoming may have set an all-time record for the lowest recorded temperature, Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

From the graph, shown here, you can see that number was achieved during the 3 am hour.

Official readings are taken at the Natrona County International Airport.

Your recorded temperature for where you live may vary.

You'll see on the record that wind chills had dropped, at one point, to -63.

The actual low was -42.

You can watch Don Day's entire breakdown, which he recorded early this morning, on this video below.

Don Day said he would review the recorded history.

But as best he can tell this might be the coldest overnight low on record, at least going back to when records have been kept in Casper.

That's not actually all that long.

In June of 1888, 14 months before Wyoming became an official state, the town of Casper was established at the intersection of McKinley and A Streets.

If we assume official records began at this time then Casper has only been keeping records for about 134 years.

When we think about the area going through several ice ages, who knows that the lowest temperature might have been at some time in history.

attachment-Tempature drop Rick Cooper Evensville

The warmup begins this Thursday. Though Wyoming will remain in the negative numbers for another day.

Christmas day will have the average state temperature in the 30's.

That's going to seem like a balmy summer day compared to what we've just been through.

According to Don Day, this push of cold air costs the north pole a lot of energy. It will be a little while before we get another cold snap like this.

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