This clever real estate agent in Casper, Wyoming had an attention-getting idea.

The sign works for folks on both sides of the political spectrum.

It plays into a type of hysteria that we hear every election cycle.

Inevitably there are those who cry out,


Funny thing, they never move.

May of us wish they would, but they don't.

On my morning radio talk show, I run a fake commercial offering help to move these people out.

I'll show up with volunteers, and a moving van, as soon as the election is decided. No cost to them whatsoever. Please, just GO!

Nobody ever takes me up on the offer.

What I never thought of was selling their home.

This real estate agent is willing to help with that.

Sure, it's all tongue-in-cheek- which is too bad.

They're not actually trying to make a political statement.

They're not even choosing sides, which is why you see both Biden and Trump on the billboard.

They're just trying to get a laugh and make us remember his company at the same time.

This billboard has hosted many eye-catching realtor signs, including agents dressed up as Marvel superheroes.

It makes sense that, in the midst of a controversial political season, the billboard ad would reflect it.

That makes me wonder: what do you think they are going to post after the election?

How about,

You promised, so let's get you moved.

Douglas Wyoming's Best Car Show Ever

Each year Douglas Wyoming hosts Jackalope Days.

Food, music, arts and crafts, and one of the best car shows in the state.

Their 2024 car show was the largest ever with some of the best show cars seen in the state.

They even had a category for semi-trucks.

There were many more cars in the show then were were able to show here.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

The Tate Geological Museum Casper Wyoming

The Tate Geological Museum was founded in 1980 through a gift from Marion and Inez Tate. It was originally designated as the Tate Earth Science Center and Mineralogical Museum. Because ‘geological’ encompasses earth science, mineralogy, and paleontology, the name was changed to the Tate Geological Museum in 2001.

Located on the Casper College campus, the museum is a great resource for the community. Many local schools and groups come to the museum to add to their student's learning experience.

Tate houses a collection of over 6000 fossil and mineral specimens.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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