A resident of Casper has died as a result of a snowmobiling accident in Saratoga, Wyoming.

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That's according to the Carbon County Sheriff's Office. According to a release from Sheriff Archie Roybal, on January 28, the Carbon County Sheriff's Office received a call regarding a snowmobile that had driven off the trail and struck a tree on Forest Service Road 225.

The report stated that the driver of the vehicle was unconscious, but breathing.

According to the release, Deputy Patrick Patterson responded to the scene and was told that CPR was being administered to the victim. While en route, Deputy Patterson requested the assistance of a Search and Rescue team, as he did not have the confirmed location of the accident. He also asked that more people offer CPR services.

The release stated that a Saratoga ambulance responded to the call, as well as Classic Air Medical. They were able to locate the emergency vehicles and follow the road to the scene of the accident. When Deputy Patterson arrived, the Classic Air Medal flight crew was evaluating the driver, later identified as Sherry Volker of Casper, Wyoming. She was placed on a backboard and numerous people volunteered to help move her from the snow to the road.

"After she was on the road, Search and Rescue along with the flight crew began advanced lifesaving measures," the release stated. "The flight crew worked on Mrs. Volker for approximately one hour before the flight nurse determined that there was nothing else that could be done to save her. She was pronounced deceased at 1:25 P.M. The family that was present at the scene was notified of her passing."

The Carbon County Sheriff's Office thanked Search and Rescue Members William Young, James Willis, John Moore, and Trevor Vorn. They also thanked the Saratoga Ambulance crew, as well as the Classic Air Medical crew and the numerous volunteers.

Additionally, the CCSO expressed their condolences to the family and friends of Mrs. Volker.


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