Central Wyoming Hospice and Transitions has announced that their newly updated and renovated Charles M. and Cara Lou Chapman Hospice Home will be ready for patients in early February.

The home will join the Kloefkorn Home in providing a safe place for community members on their end-of-life journey.

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Per a press release the hospice center has put out, the re-opening of the Chapman Hospice Home will provide even more rooms and skilled, caring staff for hospice patients that require an in-patient level of care. This is part of the ‘Caring Promise’ that has been a part of the core values of Central Wyoming Hospice and Transitions for years.

“A huge part of ‘Our Caring Promise’ was the recognition this past year that we have been limited in the ability to say ‘yes’ to our community,” said CWHP Executive Director Kilty Brown. “Our vision is that every neighbor has the choice of a bed in one of our Hospice Homes when they need it.”

Lauren Griffith, of Tandem-Design Build, played an integral role in the development and reconstruction of the Chapman Hospice Home, according to the press release. Griffith had a personal investment in the renovations, as her father spent his final days in the Chapman Home.

“I am so proud to be involved in updating this for the guests and their families to experience,” Griffith stated.  “My goal is that it is tranquil, inviting and functions well into the future. We have carefully selected colors, furnishings, lighting, and art that conveys a sense of tranquility and is inviting, timeless and functional.”

Per their website, “Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions envisions a community in which the end-of-life journey is embraced as a natural progression of the human life cycle; where individuals at the end of their lives are treated with dignity, respect and compassion; and where expertise is the standard in the continuum of care.”

Their ’Caring Promise’ is made up of various core values, including:

Integrity (We promote ethical practice in all that we do)

Compassion (We value individual worth and dignity)

Competence (We strive for excellence and continually enhance our professional expertise)

Stewardship (We practice wise use of fiscal and human resources)

Teamwork (Our mission is best met through collaboration with our patients, families and community partners)

Commitment (We pride ourselves in being forward thinking to ensure sustainability)

The re-opening of the Chapman Hospice Home hopes to continually represent these values in both service and ambience.

For more information about the Chapman Home, Hospice Care, or any of other the other many programs Central Wyoming Hospice and Transitions has to offer the community, call them at (307) 577-4832 or visit their website, cwhp.org.

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