Winter is officially upon us and we've already had some crazy accidents. Just yesterday (January 24th, 2021), a pickup crashed into east side Bank of the West location.

A video of a harrowing, near accident on an icy road has started to go viral again. The video, posted by YouTube channel Jesse Edgar, shows a  white Subaru WRX STI spin out, but recover, without causing a wreck.

The video isn't new, but what happens a lot of times since the advent of social media, it only takes a famous person or two to retweet or share a video for it to catch momentum again. The time stamp on the dash cam video states it was originally recorded on February 12th, 2013.

Whether it was luck or skill, it was definitely a good save. Upon examining the video a bit closer, it doesn't appear the driver was trying to be overly cautious. Even after the near miss, probably a block later down the road, you can see the same driver and car narrowly miss a different vehicle while trying to pass.

Some people just never learn.

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