Automobile snow hats have returned to Wyoming. Yes, the dangerous cold weather automotive fashion.

Are automobile snow hats a fashion statement?

You might ask, "REALLY?" I think that maybe they are.

A snow hat happens when the owner of the automobile grumbles through brushing layers of white powder from just where it might be needed to see down the road - but leaves a nice tall cap on top of the car.

The hope of a sunny day to melt the snow or a pothole to rattle it off is a constant prayer of those who drive with snow hats.

Freezing Weather Conditions Continue With Forecasters Predicting More Snow
Matt Cardy, Getty Images

As pretty as they are, snow hats can be a hazard - a sudden stop might cause the snow hat to slip down over the windshield rendering the driver unable to see where they are going.

Those driving behind a car with a tall snow hat might admire the physics of how that sucker stays up here, especially at high speeds or hard turns. But inevitably that hat will break apart and no one wants to be the driver caught behind a snow hat and driving through what is about to hit them.

It is interesting, however, no one thinks that their automobile snow hat is a problem - just that other jerk driving with a snow hat is just trying to get somebody killed...

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