In the wake of President Biden ordering a half-dozen executive actions regarding gun control laws, Wyoming’s Congresswoman, Liz Cheney, has issued a statement defending the Second Amendment.

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Biden, who the Associated Press said has “proposed the most ambitious gun-control agenda of any modern presidential candidate,” has urged the Senate to pass bills that have passed in the House to expand background checks.

He also challenged Congress to pass an assault weapon ban. Republicans, naturally, are voicing their disapproval about any types of infringement on their “gun rights.”

Cheney is one of those people.

"The Second Amendment protects an individual's right to keep and bear arms,” Cheney said in a released statement. “I will always defend it. Actions like the ones President Biden took today infringe on the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans, while doing nothing to prevent criminals from committing the tragic attacks we have seen in communities across our country." 

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