Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) are aimed right at Cheyenne Wyoming.

No big surprise there considering that missiles from Cheyenne are aimed at Moscow.

“If Wyoming were a nation,” writes journalist Dan Whipple, F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne “would make it one of the world’s major nuclear powers. Its history with nuclear weapons in Wyoming is tied closely to the worldwide tensions of the Cold War, and with the development of missile-based nuclear weapons systems.”

F.E. Warren Air Force Base is the only U.S. Air Force that has no airplanes. It is, however, one of the largest missile-command bases in the nation.

In a video that has been archived on YouTube by Wyoming PBS, you can watch the history of F.E. Warren as they show why Wyoming, and Cheyenne, were chosen as the site for these operations.

You'll also see a 60 Minuets TV report from Russia as they show an actual missile silo with their ordnance pointed right at the city of Cheyenne.

The first and final battles of the Cold War were fought from F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne. Wyoming played a key role in winning the Cold War, from the dawn of the Atomic Age to the decommissioning of the controversial Peacekeeper ICBM in 2005. Incredible archives and interviews reveal this fascinating history, and take viewers into the remaining missile silos where a new generation of missileer keeps watch over launch facilities. (Wyoming PBS).

During "The Cold War," and following the development of the Atlas and Titan intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The U.S. Air Force in the late 1950s selected Wyoming’s F. E. Warren AFB and the former Lowry AFB in Colorado as operational sites for the Atlas and Titan missiles.

Michael Smith, Getty Images

Beginning in 1960, Atlas missiles were located in deep underground silos in ranching areas throughout southeast Wyoming, western Nebraska, and northeastern Colorado.

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