Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak says this year has been the "hardest and most stressful" of his 35-year policing career.

In a Facebook post Friday, Kozak called on citizens "to stand up and support" those who walk the thin blue line after sharing Duluth Police Sgt. Matt Mark's story about an Aug. 27 shooting, in which Mark almost shot an "unarmed black man."

"I was in Duluth a couple of years ago and I had the pleasure to meet Sgt. Mark," said Kozak. "He is a cop like our cops here in Cheyenne; committed to putting his life on the line to do the right thing."

"I know Cheyenne officers are thinking just like Sgt. Mark," Kozak added. "I want them to know that I will always stand with them when they do what they believe is the right thing."


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