We all love Cheyenne but some negative people who have both traveled through and lived here had plenty of grievances to air online about their own perceptions and misfortunes from their time in the Capitol City.

The online publication 'Niche' had a listed number of reviews about Cheyenne with the vast majority of them being relatively positive. However, some Karens were out to spoil the party for everyone else. You can't please everyone I guess. Let's have a look...

Cheyenne's Worst Reviews from People Who Don't Seem Fun at Parties

And there it is. Sometimes, people just need to complain just to complain. Based on all the other reviews on the site, Cheyenne seems pretty okay, if not, pretty great! Enjoy it, Wyoming!

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- 11 Restaurant Chains That Cheyenne Needs Right Now

According to TripAdvisor users, here are the 10 best restaurants in Cheyenne:

The Most Underrated Restaurants In Cheyenne




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