A simple hashtag is helping alleviate some stress for teachers this year.

Just when I'm about to give up completely on social media, something like this happens. Much like with this pandemic, there are some redeeming qualities and silver linings. A hashtag can change a life or lives. In this case, I think the good vibes will reach further than we think.

Have you seen #ClearTheList trending on social media?

The hashtag comes from the ClearTheList Foundation which raises money for teachers across the nation. What started as a private Facebook group, grew into a movement in 2019 encouraging people to help teachers outfit their classrooms for the upcoming school year. Not every school is properly funded and often times teachers spend their own money to purchase the supplies they are lacking. Educators do receive a $250 tax deduction for these supplies, but according to USA Today teachers spend on average $479 to get what they need. And with this pandemic, that number is sure to be higher in 2020.

Can you imagine regularly spending your own money on your job?

The ClearTheList movement has quickly grown into a full-blown foundation that is helping more and more educators across the country. Teachers can submit their supply lists to receive funding. For the rest of us, we can donate to help pay for those items that are needed. Many celebrities have caught on to this movement and, in addition to donating, have tweeted about the cause. Those endorsing the campaign include Angela Kinsey, Lance Bass, Casey Donahew Band, Khloe Kardashian, and more.

This year, the foundation has raised more than $1 million.

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