Wyoming Secretary Of State Chuck Gray says artificial intelligence (AI) can't run for Mayor of Cheyenne under Wyoming election law.

The AI candidate in question is named VIC, which is an acronym for Virtual Integrated Citizen.

But he says at this point the decision as to whether to allow such a candidate on the ballot is out of his hands and lies with Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee.

Lee, contacted by Townsquare Media, said she is consulting with the Laramie County Attorney on the issue before making the final decision on VIC.

Wyoming Secretary Of State Chuck Gray called into Wyoming's only statewide talk show to discuss the issue with host Glenn Woods.

Lee wrote a letter to Secretary Of State Chuck Gray explaining why she disagreed with his call to remove VIC from the ballot.

“I respectfully disagree with your conclusion,” Jones wrote to the Secretary.

“Since that certification, I have become aware that Mr. (Victor) Miller has given multiple interviews to state media outlets suggesting that an artificial intelligence robot (AI Bot) and not him, is the true candidate,” Jones wrote.

“These campaign statements do not change my analysis.”



Her argument is essentially that there is a person behind the AI.

Without the person, the AI can't do anything. It's incapable of operating on its own.

So, the candidate is actually a person, Mr. Miller

“Even if Mr. Miller has made the decision to receive direction from an AI Bot, he is still the candidate for election per his application,” Jones wrote.

This is an interesting dilemma.



All Mr. Miller does is enter the questions given to VIC and then we all wait for the AI to answer.

Without Miller is there a VIC?

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