Apparently, there is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) named VIC running for Mayor Of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

We all knew the takeover was going to happen at some point.

This might be it.

It was discovered by the producer of Wyoming's only state-wide morning talk show (Wake Up Wyoming) as she set about the task of inviting candidates onto the show.

My name is Glenn Woods. I host Wake Up Wyoming.

This is what my producer, Miss Mary, sent to me.

Text to my phone:

attachment-Cheyenne AI Candidate 1

Doug is the newsman in Cheyenne at KGAB, one of the stations that carries our show.

Miss Mary was e-mailing candidates when one of them, by the name of VIC, sent back a response.

The response reads as if it is automated.

Was this typed by a person or an AI program?

attachment-Cheyenne AI Candidate 2

So "VIC" is an acronym that stands for "Virtual Integrated Citizen".

We began to wonder if this was someone just someone having a laugh, or someone making their own political statement.

We are not sure.

Was that a real person who sent this e-mail to Miss Mary or was it actually an automated response?

Miss Mary sent me a screengrab of Vic's name being listed as a candidate.

attachment-Cheyenne AI Candidate 3

It does say AI for Mayor.

LOOK- we have an address.

Let's zoom in on Google Maps to see what's there.

It turns out to be a house on a street corner.

Wonder if the people living there know anything about this.

attachment-Home of AI VIC

That attractive home is in the historic district, not far from the capital and city hall.

This is all we know at the moment.

Our man in Cheyenne, Doug Randal, is checking with the clerk's office to find out what he can on the candidate. Is this a real listing or a joke?  He will let us know.

We will do a little digging to find out who is behind this and if it has anything to do with someone in this house.

Personally, I'm in favor of a computer running for mayor.

We've tried giving the job to humans.

That hasn't worked out too well.

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