Mountain lions are solitary animals for the most part. Usually, when a pair of adult mountain lions are witnessed together, courtship is occurring. When a female mountain lion is in heat, she will attract males with sounds and scent.

Credit: David Neils -
Credit: David Neils -

The male mountain lion will only be with the female for a few short days while mating occurs and then they both part ways. One Colorado photographer happened to catch a once-in-a-lifetime shot in Northern Colorado of a pair of mountain lions mating on remote cameras.

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I spoke with the photographer, David Neils, from Wild Nature Media via Facebook about the photographs. Neils said that he chose the location to place the remote cameras due to the topography, abundance of deer and elk in the area, and the valley lines up with the dominant wind and cold air drainage.

The photos captured by Neils are quite rare. Neils said that this is the first time he has ever captured mountain lions mating during his 15 years of photographing wildlife.

Pair of Mountain Lions Photographed Mating in Northern Colorado

David Neils has over 1,000 wildlife videos which can be seen at


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