A regular listener in Wyoming called my radio show and told me that she was not pleased with the new car crusher facility that had been proposed for her town.

She was not opposed to the business itself, just where it was to be located.

That gave me the perfect idea.

Why not locate it where there are hills surrounding it?

Build a park up on those hills in view of the crusher.

How about a concession stand?

What a great place to take a date!

You know she's the woman for you if she wants to spend an afternoon eating hotdogs and watching cars get crushed.

Bring the entire family out.

What a perfect afternoon.

Pay extra and you can sit close enough to toss beer cans at the crusher to see if you can make it in before it closes around the vehicle.

The guy who operates the crusher can dress up like a medieval executioner.

He can call out the kids of vehicles that were to be crushed and really work the crowd into a frenzy before he pushes the button.

Actually, there are several different types of car crushers.

There are the ones that squeeze the car flat. Ones that squeeze it into a small box.

Then there are the ones that have heavy-duty spinning teeth that rip the car into shreds.

They can thrill the audience with what type of crusher they will use for what type of vehicle.

The people will want to know how powerful the crusher is.

They will call for bigger and heavier vehicles.

They will cheer when a cop car is crushed.

But then again, so will the police officers who drove that hunk of junk.

They will roar with delight when some Smart Car or Tesla is brought forward.

Tears will be shed for the 57 Chevy.

This could be one of Wyoming's greatest attractions.

People would come from all over to join in the experience of sitting with enthusiastic like-minded people watching the grant car crusher do its thing.

If all the years that Americans have been crushing cars, why has this never been thought of?

Frankly, I am SHOCKED that car crushers don't have viewing stands.

At least these days you can watch videos of crushing on YouTube.

But that is just now as much fun as seeing it in person.

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