In the videos below you'll be able to tour Alpine Airpark Wyoming, where every home has its own airplane hanger and every resident is a pilot.

Not every plane is a jet like you see in the photo. Some folks are into mid-size to small bush planes. It just depends on what the mission is.

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With over 71 Hangar Homes and 25 Standalone Hangars, Alpine Airpark is the premier Fly-In Community in the United States. It has it all. It's by a lake and river plus mountains.

Located just south of Jackson it is right on the Idaho border. You can see a map of the area at this link.

This first video is a promotion for the community.

This second video will show you inside one of the amazing homes. Just be careful as you drive around and make sure you are on a road for cars and not on a taxiway for airplanes to get to the runway. HINT: Cars drive on the right side of the yellow line. Airplanes taxi by keeping their nose wheel on the center yellow line.

The final video is for the airplane buff out there let's take a look at some of the astounding aircraft that come and go. Everything imaginable flies in and out of this place. The airplane featured in the picture is a Cirrus Vision Jet. A single-engine small jet that can fit 5 people.

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