According to reports from multiple sources, Major League Baseball has chosen to move this year's All-Star Game to Denver at Coors Field. The ballpark will play host to the midsummer classic to be played on July 13th.

Nick Groke, a reporter for the sports publication, 'The Athletic', had previously been reporting that this year's MLB All-Star Game was expected to move to Coors Field after the Commissioner Rob Manfred had stated that the location would be moving from Atlanta due to recent passed voting legislation in Georgia. After the announcement of moving the location, it was reported that Colorado Governor Jared Polis would be 'burning up the phones' to potentially bring the midsummer classic to Denver.

Cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, and New York City were also candidates along with Denver before the announcement of the game being moved to Coors Field.

Many questions remain up in the air with regards to the season and the logistics involved in what the festivities surrounding the MLB All-Star Game may bring to Denver, as well as how many fans will be allowed to attend the event. For the start of the season, Colorado Health officials had approved a capacity that allowed for 42.6 percent of Coors Field to be filled, which is 21,363 fans out of the potential 50,398.

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Reports also suggest that baseball's 2021 Amateur Draft would be moved out of Atlanta to Denver as well. This also creates more unknowns at this point regarding the fanfare surrounding the All-Star Game festivities. This continues to be a developing story and it seems that we'll wait for further details to unfold about the 2021 All-Star Game at Coors Field in Denver within the upcoming days and weeks.

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