Casper City Council member Khrystyn Lutz announced she will be leaving the council due to her family moving to Lander.

In order to select a replacement, the rest of the council chooses someone to replace the missing member from among the community through an application process of anyone that lives in Ward 1.

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Starting Wednesday and going through September 3, applicants will have to submit a resume to council, which would be open to the public, followed by public interviews with council on September 15, with the new council member being sworn in on September 21.

Lutz had served since 2019 and the term of her replacement will go until January 2023.

Council member Shawn Johnson wished Lutz luck in her future endeavors.

"Good luck to Khrystyn, it was a pleasure to serve with you on the council, and maybe her new city needs a new council member."

Vice Mayor Ray Pacheco said he was honored to have served with Lutz and that she did a great job while serving on council.

It's been an honor and a joy to serve with council member Lutz. She's been a fantastic representative, representing her ward. She was a fantastic vice mayor, she will be sorely missed on council, I appreciated your pragmatism, your thoughtfulness on issues, you never had a knee jerk reaction to things, you were always thoughtful in how you did that, and I really appreciate that type of governing that we need so badly in our country especially. Hopefully our lose is Landers gain, I know a couple members on city council there, you might be a nice representative there. So be safe with your family, and god bless you.

Mayor Steve Freel said he appreciates all the help Lutz gave during 2020 as vice mayor and wished her the best of luck in her future pursuits.

Well, I hate to see you go, and I want to thank you for the great year of 2020 and being my sidekick through all that, but I certainly appreciate all the time we had to where we could bounce the play of the day off, because there was no playbook for last year at all. Make sure we made the right decision for the city as we moved along. You will be definitely missed as everyone has stated here and you do have one last chance to stick around long distance relationship work, you could finish your term out, and I'm sure your husband would be fine with that. I certainly appreciate working with you and hopefully we'll find just as good a replacement, might be hard to do though.

Council member Lutz said how happy she was to have served on council, both with the current members and members from her previous two years.

I've been honored since day one that Ward 1 selected me and I hope I have made them happy and made their voices heard on my time on council. Obviously it's very bittersweet to leave, we're very excited for this opportunity in Lander, but we will absolutely miss our lives in Casper. I have had the honor of serving not only with the first council which also included Charlie Powell, Bob Hopkins, and Mike Huber, but then also the council that's sitting in front of you. The city staff has been nothing short of amazing as far as supporting not only myself but the council. Any request we have, any information we need, any problems with iPads, there's never been a time where the city has not been just phenomenal to support this council. On that I am sad to go, but excited for this opportunity and I wish the person who holds this seat next all of the luck, and good luck to you all selecting that individual and if anyone in Ward 1 considering applying has any questions for me regarding what this seat looks like, I'll gladly take those calls and help you in any way that I can. Thank you all.

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