Meat Jimmy & Natalie. They are a very nice couple.

Although he looks a little like Napoleon Dynamite and she looks far too attractive to be with him. Yet, they are a perfect pair.

They converted an old, small school bus into a camper and are out exploring the nation.

Maybe they should have considered driving around Teton Pass. 

Teton Pass is a high mountain pass located at the southern end of the Teton Range in western Wyoming, between Wilson and Victor, Idaho.

You know what the Tetons look like.

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Now imagine driving a narrow pass up and over those mountains.

This is a lesson for anyone trying to drive a large vehicle, like a camper, through Wyoming's mountain passes.

Going up is hard enough on the engine. Many large RVs and campers and overheated on the way up roads like this.

But that's not the dangerous part.

Coming down the other side is hard on both the engine, which should be in low gear, and the breaks.

The couple stopped on the way down because the breaks were smoking. They were also getting less and less responsive and so they were afraid that, if they kept going, they would not be able to stop.

That is why these mountain passes have truck runaway ramps. Thankfully this young couple did not need to use one of them.

They make it, then they begin exploring the Wyoming side of the Tetons. Well worth the trip but maybe next time they might want to look into how much a vehicle like theirs can take before they try such a dangerous road.

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