If you missed the previous town hall program from Glenn Woods, Nick Learned, and Wake Up Wyoming, we have recapped the show here. The team covered COVID-19 in the state and the effects on our economy. Guests were from all areas: government, gas/oil/agricultural fields, health care, and more. Catch up below and stay with us to keep you updated as the coronavirus pandemic develops Wyoming.


Wyoming Representative talks about the help citizens can expect to get with new bills in the U.S. House.

What the U.S. Senate is planning next to help businesses, the American people, and the people of Wyoming.

Governor Gordon discusses opening businesses and parks to get Wyoming back on its feet.

How Wyoming hospitals are now different in the wake of COVID-19

First Interstate Bank President Dave Bruni talks about helping businesses during the pandemic

Wyoming Small Business Administration talks about helping Wyoming businesses

Yellowstone Superintendent on how the park will be reopened and how it will be different due to COVID-19

Dr. Robert Godby, Energy & Economics and the effects on the Wyoming energy industry

Three experts discuss how to recover coal, gas, and oil in the wake of COVID-19

Jim Magagna of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association

Representatives from Wyoming Workforce Services join the discussion on benefits, employment opportunities, and help for companies restarting.

Three Wyoming hospitals discuss how they are managing with fewer regular patients, less money, but more work.

First Lady Jenny Gordon talks about her mission to feed the needy in Wyoming

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