She rose quickly in the world of politics to serve a president as the first female White House Spokesperson. Now co-hosting on Fox News and hosting her own show.

That's a long way to go for a small-town Wyoming girl.

Born in Evanston Wyoming in 1972, her family moved to Colorado. Though she spent many summers with her grandparents on a ranch back in Wyoming. That is why, to this day, she still refers to herself as a Wyoming Girl.

She used to read newspapers every day to have something to talk to her father about when he came home from work. The two of them loved talking about news and debating issues.

She actually worked as a DJ for a time, on a country music station while attending The University Of Southern Colorado.

She earned a master's degree in public affairs from the University of Illinois. It was there she where learned broadcasting on a college National Public Radio station.

She was learning how to interview and had a chance to chat with a local congressman on air on several occasions. That, it turned out, would be her big break. You have to know the right people to make it.

He goal was broadcasting but she realized that working her way up, market to market, was a long way and probably the wrong way. So she worked in public affairs in various states, staying close to politics, before finally getting a break in DC.

In Washington DC she began to rub shoulders with some big names in politics, such as George W. Bush. When Bush was elected president he needed a White House spokesperson to give the daily press briefings. He remembered Dana and called on her.

Dana became America's first female White House press secretary. 

So impressed was Fox News with how Dana handled herself against the press they called and offered her a job as soon as the president had finished out his term.

She has served many roles on Fox News over the years, even hosting her own show for a time.

Dana Perino currently co-anchors FOX News Channel's (FNC) morning news program America’s Newsroom (weekdays 9-11 AM/ET) and serves as co-host of The Five (weekdays 5-6 PM/ET).

She has parents that live in the Black Hills and she does come back to visit them and her friends from time to time. She has not lost her love for her home state.

The video below has further details on her life.

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