The television show Miracle Workers is an anthology, meaning every season has the same actors but a completely different plot and time in history.

This season, they set forth on the Oregon Trail. I was wondering how much of Wyoming we would get to see. Would they feature Fort Laramie, perhaps? They did not. But they did just finally make it to Independence Rock.

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They did have a picture of the rock to show us... but they got every other detail about it wrong. They are on a sound stage. The landscape is all wrong. Independence Rock does not have a forest around it.

Not to worry, the humor is campy as always. That's the point of this program.

They arrive at Independence Rock on July 4th and, for some reason, there is a full 4th of July party going on.

At one point Radcliffe's wife, who is just a horrible person, is trying to scrub all of the names carved into the rock, off the rock.

I know they only have so many episodes so they can't spend much time on Wyoming, but I would have like to have seen more than this one place.

Below is a silly scene where someone tries to kidnap Uncle Sam. But he's not having any part of it and a fight ensues.

I'll assume at this point the next episode takes us outside of Wyoming. They lost their guide at Independence Rock. He was the same guy who kidnapped Uncle Sam.

Can't wait to see what happens next.

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