I am a total Western History nerd.

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And, frankly, I'm not ashamed one bit.

One of my favorite things to geek out read about is Western Expansion and how it built the America we know today, not just our land but our character as well.

Our way of life here in Wyoming is still very much centered around the grit that many of these pioneers had as they traversed hundreds of thousands of miles.

Our communities are close-knit and we take care of our own, and most people that I know are more than happy to help out a neighbor in need.

It's easy when you think of what it took to get across the Oregon Trail to see that those things I mentioned above really WERE defining characteristics of those that successfully completed the journey.

Westward Go! is a relatively unknown YouTube Channel with only 111 followers and the description of the channel says: "Explore the historic trails of the American west with us. We are traveling the trails used by western pioneers in the nineteenth century and learning about what life was like back then."

In this video, they highlight the Oregon Trail in Wyoming and I felt like Andy did an excellent job showcasing not only historical sites in Wyoming but educating us as well about the importance of the stops.

Did you recognize our trail museum in the video?

If you haven't been to this local historical museum I highly recommend it.

My kids love the virtual river crossing and stagecoach ride.

I also want to take a second to thank the YouTube creator for doing such a great job including links to all the places he visited in his explanation, it's super helpful to anyone who wants to visit Wyoming and take the same path.

Historic Eaton's Horse Drive Through Downtown Sheridan, Wyoming

The annual Eaton’s Horse Drive (each May) sees cowboys from nearby Eaton’s Ranch run their herd of around 100 head of horses through the heart of downtown Sheridan, Wyoming.

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