True, it's not very busy for police in little Torrington Wyoming.  Despite that, the Torrington Police Department really does not want to waste its time on yard sign vandals.

As the clock ticks closer to election day, Torrington deputies have had to respond to reports of vandals having their way with political yard signs.

I don't think, however, Torrington has seen anything as bad as that Colorado woman who was caught on video trying to tear down the big Trump sign.

Having had just about enough, the department released the following statement: “Just because our political candidates don’t get along, doesn’t mean we can’t take care of each other. The constitutional freedoms that allow us to express ourselves and support political candidates of our choosing are important parts of our democracy.”

In other words - stop being a bunch of jerks. I'm sure that's what the police chief really wanted to say. Maybe something stronger.

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I've often wondered what the goal is of people to vandalize in this way. Do they actually think they are changing anyone's mind? Do they believe that stealing or defacing an opponent's sign will cause swing voters to vote their way?

Truth be told, any swing voters will probably be turned off by the bad behavior of the vandals and vote for the guy who's name was on the sign.

Frankly, it's just childish behavior.

Having said this, now I wonder whose signs were being vandalized? Are we talking about local races or national? The police did not say.

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