This morning I got a call from a listener in Castle Rock Colorado who said she had confronted and shot video of a hysterical and angry woman tearing down a Trump sign.

"As I drove through the downtown area of my adorable suburban town I saw a woman destroying this Trump sign," said Sarah, the lady who shot the video.

You can see in the video, above, that the sign is not some small yard sign. It's rather large.

The woman said she had no problem with video being shot of her and encouraged "idiots" to continue voting for Trump, even though, "he's a racist."

Sarah informs the woman that she is destroying somebody else's property. "You can put your own sign up," Sarah explains to her. "You don't need to do this."

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If the police find this woman, (I'm sure her name is KAREN), they will charge her with destruction of private property and destruction of a campaign sign, both of which are illegal.

Sara is hopping someone watching this video might know who she is. This video has been turned over to police.

I wonder if this woman realizes that tearing this sign down, while it might feel good to her, will have no effect on the election. Also, there will be a new sign to replace the one she took down in just a couple of hours.

In the end the woman was not able to take the big sign down entirely. So she just turned and walked away, giving Sarah the middle finger several times as she did.

Sarah titled the video, Trump Sign Destroyed by a "Tolerant Leftist" (Castle Rock, CO)

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