We know. We don't get it either. It's called 'The Parkway.' But you're not supposed to park on it.

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That's according to the Casper Police Department who released a statement on their social media page reminding Casper residents to ignore the fundamentals of words in order to obey the law.

"Throughout the City of Casper, parking on the parkway is not permitted," the CPD wrote on their Facebook page. "The only exception to this is for residents of 12th and 13th Streets who are eligible to apply for a parkway parking permit."

The CPD reminded residents that in May of 2021, the Casper City Council passed an updated Parking Manual.

"We encourage all citizens to familiarize themselves with the rules of our community when it comes to parking," CPD wrote. "The manual can be found on our website. If you're parked on the parkway, now is the time to find a new spot. Our traffic team has begin issuing warnings and citations for vehicles in violation."

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