Stan Hartzheim has a YouTube channel called Wynot? Wyoming.

On his channel, he shares different short videos that talk about why Wyoming is a great place to live. Many of them focus on his hometown of Cheyenne, but some of them share information about the state as a whole.

In a recent video, Hartzheim talked about the 5 Regions of Wyoming...something I've never heard in my 20 plus years of living here.

The first region he lists is "Black to Yellow" and it covers the NorthEast part of the state.

It's named "Bleck to Yellow" because of its location that covers the area from the Black Hills to Yellowstone Park. The area includes coal mines, outdoor activities including bird hunting, and towns full of rich Western History.

The second region he lists is "Park to Park" in the SouthEast corner of Wyoming.

It includes Cheyenne and then sweeps up to Yellowstone. This is the region that includes Casper, Douglas, and Glenrock and Hartzheim even mentions Ayres Natural Bridge as a must-see in this region. He also mentions Lusk and the Fort Laramie historic site.

The third region is "Rockies to Tetons" and it stretches from just outside Cheyenne to Rawlins and up to Jackson Hole.

Hartzheim spends a lot of time talking about Independence Rock in this part of the video and mentions the Hobo Hot Springs in Saratoga. This region also includes Dubois, which is extremely popular for its wildlife and rugged mountainous beauty.

The fourth region is "Salt to Stone" located in the SouthWestern part of the state.

This region goes from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Salt Lake and then ends at Yellowstone. Flaming Gorge is an amazing recreation area in this region. This region also includes Evanston, Wyoming a must-see for those of you that love trains.

The last region is "Yellowstone" which is located in the NorthWestern part of the state.

Yellowstone is the first National Park and is known for its many epic land formations. From Old Faithful to Yellowstone Falls it's sure to impress even the most jaded tourists. Yellowstone is also full of Wyoming wildlife, Grizzly Bears, Moose, Bison, Wild Swans, beavers, and more can be spotted all over the park.

If you'd like to watch the entire video you can find it below, Hartzheim goes into much more detail about the regions than I did.

Did anything surprise you?

And what do you think about dividing the state up this way, is it practical?

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