Leave it to TikTok to come up with a trend that is totally ridiculous yet highly entertaining.

Tiktokers are creating videos where they show a screenshot of a city and play the sound (or song) that they think goes with it.

And recently, one young creator did a multipart series for Wyoming.

Per usual, I agree with some of her thoughts and disagree with a few as well.

For example, in the video below (part one of the series) she has "Big Green Tractor" for Saratoga. I agree with that. But a song about drugs and gangs for Laramie...no. Cheering "Go Pokes" at a football game or even a cracked-open beer would have been better.

Watch, and pay attention to what she has for Casper because we need to talk about that too.

@lace1312 #greenscreen laramie’s most wanted might come for me after this. all love tho #wyoming #gang #saratoga #prison #scary #mmiwawareness #hick #laradise #cheyenne #slay ♬ sound effects - Jake

I disagree with her choice for the city of Casper. Honking horns? The howling wind would have been more accurate.

In part 2, @lace1312 starts off 100% on point with Jackson Hole and its corresponding "if I were you, I'd wanna be me too." And Cody's "Fancy Like" was also dead on.

But her sound for Torrington...I just don't understand it. Though based on the comments, a lot of other people agree with her.

@lace1312 #greenscreen torrington slander is appreciated #wyoming #ShowUrGrillSkillz #gang #scary #mmiwawareness #hick #slay #jackson #rocksprings #cody #douglas #urmom #rivertonwyoming #escape #mountains #piss #trend #fyp ♬ original sound - Christie Kirlin

I can't lie the Rock Springs sound made me chuckle #ifyouknowyouknow

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