TikTok is full of millions of creative people.

I can't decide what I admire more, the creators that can edit videos with fabulous special effects, or the clever new ways they come up with to make me laugh.

@maxtowey creates content based around his spot-on impressions of the 50 states...or maybe I should say, the people that live in each state.

From accents to the clothes they wear, I think that Towey does a phenomenal job representing each state.

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In a recent series he created, Towey pretended to be each state convincing someone to move there, and his statement about Wyoming is hilarious.

"Imagine a whole state to yourself"

Yup, that definitely describes Wyoming lol.

In this video, Arizona says "Actually we're full you should try somewhere else." and I think that would be a great fit for us too.

Did you catch what he said for Colorado?

"Two words for you, weed and skiing, which are done best together"

Yeah, we had a laugh over that one.

Truthfully though...what WOULD you say to convince someone to move to Wyoming?

I always tell people that "Wyoming is what America was, and that's not a bad thing." and then I follow it up with a comment about the 50 mph wind and 9 month long winters...after all we don't want too many people thinking they can move here right?

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