Moving to Wyoming is one of the best decision I've made in my life. This state has so much to offer, if you're willing to get out and take it all in. I took a road trip across the state to continue my exploration.

My journey in Wyoming has really only just begun and shows no sign of slowing down...except maybe when the dreaded "Wyoming February" shows up. Even then, it'll only slow me down a little.

Even though I'd had adventures in Wyoming before I moved here, little did I know that there were so many that I had no idea about. I'm sure if you're a lifetime Wyomingite, you have had you fair share of sightseeing, but it always is interesting to me those that say they've never travelled to certain parts of the state because of the "Tourons". I get that they give Wyoming a bad name, but this state is so great that shouldn't stop you from seeing what the "Tourons" travel from all over the world to see.

My journey began with a full tank of Sinclair fuel, bottle of water, beef jerky, my Wyoming road map and I was on my way. My first stop was just 40 miles from Casper..."Hells Half Acre" (which is actually 320 acres)! I'd heard from many that this needed to be one of my stops and I'm glad I finally made it. As soon as you drive into the lot, your mind starts racing and all the questions start... "what in the world, how did this happen, they did what with buffalo here, well that was a weird movie, hmmm a motel and restaurant, wow this is amazing'...I met a man and his wife from Utah, we exchanged hello's and he followed up with..."I just called my dad and told him where I was". The man (in his 50's) told the story of how his family stopped there to have lunch when he was 12 years old and it was so exciting to be back. Obviously things are a little motel, no restaurant and a fence around the lot, but still cool to see.

I never thought stopping at a Wyoming Rest Area would be so an informative explorer kind of way! I stopped at a few on this trip (it was a big bottle of water) and was blown away at every one. Learning about the wildlife, vegetation, important people the that certain area and even an airplane museum at the Greybull Rest Area. I may end up taking a trip just to hit all the rest areas in the state!

Driving through the Wind River Reservation and Wind River Canyon is worth the price of a tank of fuel! When you enter the Canyon from the South you drive through tunnels at the base of the mountain and the views don't stop until you drive out of the canyon. There are pull off spots all through the canyon and worth a stop at any/or all of them. You can learn the estimated ages of the rock formations, check out the river, stay at one of the cool camping areas or cabins.

When you get the Thermopolis the options of exploring are endless. Natural hot springs, river floating and dinosaurs are just a few of the options the little town has to offer. Just learning about Broadway is an adventure in itself. If you're going to stop in Thermopolis, plan to spend time there. There was too little time and too much to see, which means another trip here will be on the books.

Only 12 miles from Thermopolis is Kirby, Wy...The town has just 92 people, but I was drawn to this town because Kirby is my last name and every time I'm in the area I stop. Not just because of the name (that's a big part...I'm thinking of running for mayor) BUT Wyoming Whiskey! The distillery is the first "legal" distillery in the State of Wyoming that started in 2009 and has now spread the joy of whiskey to all 50 states and Mexico. I've loved Wyoming Whiskey since I first was there in 2015 and if you are a whiskey fan, you should check out the Whiskey tasting and souvenir shop just down from the distillery.

My destination on this incredible journey was Cody, Wyoming. Just over 50 miles to the gate of Yellowstone and full of history, food and fun. I'd never been to Cody, but knew it was founded by Buffalo Bill Cody in the late 1800's and was close to Yellowstone. I always get excited when I think about the legends of the west roaming the streets of these Wyoming towns. Cody is full of learning opportunities with museums, Old Trail Town, Native American history, shops and the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Tourism drives this historic Northwest Wyoming city and if you're looking for activities, Cody, Wyoming is full of them.

Like I said, there is no shortage of things to explore in Wyoming! If you have ideas of places I need to visit, let me know

Incredible Road Trip Across Wyoming

The exploration of Wyoming continues and Drew jumped into the 'Gray Ghost' and set out on a trip to end up in Cody, Wy. Between Casper and Cody there are MANY great places to stop.

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