Welcome to Earth Day 2022. It comes to us this year on Friday the 22rd of April.

Wyoming is often picked on by the more populated states as not being "green" and destroying the planet without mining, drilling, and coal power plants.

But this comes from people who have never come out here to see how we work the land and how we restore it during and after drilling, digging, and creating energy.

A recent STUPID "STUDY" by Wallet Hub called Wyoming one of the least "green" states in the nation. REALLY?

Let's take a look at some evidence of those who criticize Wyoming. How they live and take care of the land around them compared to how we do.

I GIVE YOU... Los Angeles.

Well, that's hard to look at. Doesn't look like they care much for their people much less care for the planet.

Wyoming is not perfect. Recently complaints went out when it was found some people were taking their trash out into the deserts lands around Rock Springs and leaving trash out in the middle of nowhere. But those are isolated cases. Very rare.

Most of Wyoming looks like this.

California has many major cities that have paved over thousands of square miles of what was once pristine land. Not very green.

New York and New Jersey as well as most of the east coast in that area is paved over. Not very green.

And it's trashy looking. In fact, it has literal TRASH everywhere.

Does anyone know of anywhere in Wyoming that looks like THIS?

You know they actually let people POOP on the sidewalks in major cities like these. The only poop on the sidewalks here in Wyoming comes from the wildlife that roams through our towns. They don't have much for wildlife in their towns, except RATS!

But a place like Seattle Washington must be a beautiful place, RIGHT? They are so environmentally conscious.

President Biden will be speaking in Seattle Washington this Earth Day.

Seattle likes to lecture the nation on "saving the planet." So, they must know what they are doing.

Heck, let's just go take a look at Seattle. They'll show us how clean and green they are. They will show us how to care for planet Earth.

OH- wow. Okay, that's just horrible.

You know, forget I showed you that.

I was going to show you places like San Francisco and Chicago, but, after reviewing videos on those places, just never mind.

You don't even want to know about DETROIT!

Let's go someplace where the people really care about the Earth and see how they care for the planet.

HECK YEAH! So much better.

The fact of the matter is Wyoming is about the "greenest" state in the nation. The people who work the land out here care for the land because they are proud of it and it is their home.

This state will never be the concrete cesspool that the so-called "green" "blue" states are.

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