The people have voted. Decisions were made

You know what this means... NO MORE POLITICAL ADS! 

Yes, that's right folks, you get your RADIO back. Your TV. Even your INTERNET!

It is now safe to go back and you don't have to hit the MUTE button during excessively long commercial breaks.

Let's not forget, you get your mailbox back too!

Now you go back to getting bills in the mail and regular junk mail. You won't sit at home wondering how much deforestation happened just the send you the latest political flyer that you're just going to throw away.

Were you getting political calls to your phone number?

Young bearded man talking on smartphone in misunderstanding on gray background.


It's just too bad you'll have to put up with those little campaign signs stuck in the ground all over town for a few more weeks.

Let's face it, most people running for office have no idea where they put most of those signs. But they are supposed to clean that mess up, quickly.

So you have a bit of a break. 2 years until the next elections are held.

Unfortunately, that means you only get 1 year off then some of these people start campaigning again.

Enjoy a video montage of some of the worst political ads EVER!

Worse yet, in 2 years it's going to be a presidential election.

Sorry to remind you of that. Your ears are ringing already, aren't they?

Yeah, it's going to get really noisy as we get to 2023. Then 2024, when the election will be held will get unbearable.

Step outside and enjoy the silence, while you can.

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