Located at the Casper/Natrona County Airport is the Wyoming Veteran's Memorial Museum. 

The museum stands there because that airport was once a major training base for bomber crews and fighter pilots during WWII.

The Museum is pleased to announce the installation of their first outside exhibit.

Have you seen the  M114 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle parked at the museum?

This was a cooperative project.

Boy Scout Talon Marquard of Boy Scout Troop 60 installed the concrete pad last summer, as his Eagle Scout Project.

These photos are from the Wyoming Veteran's Memorial Museum Facebook page.

attachment-WVM M114 7

Landscaping and the interpretive marker were installed by Boy Scout Chris Navotny of Boy Scout Troop 94 as his Eagle Scout project.

The staff at the Wyoming National Guard Museum in Cheyenne helped get the M114 ready for exhibit and facilitated its loading at Cheyenne.

Line haulers of Cheyenne generously donated for the movement of the vehicle.

The Casper/Natrona County Airport Maintenance department helped off-load and position the vehicle.

Their Assistant Curator, Johanna Wickman, designed the interpretive marker.

attachment-WVM M114 8

You'll be able to read a narrative from the interpretive panel.

The M114 Command and Reconnaissance Carrier is a Vietnam War-era tracked armored fighting vehicle, used by the United States Army.

It was manufactured by the Cadillac Division of General Motors in the early 1960s.

The M114 was known as an exceptionally speedy vehicle, capable of going faster than 60mph on a smooth trail or road, which made it attractive for use as a reconnaissance vehicle.

This particular M114 was utilized by the U.S. Air Force for security operations at F.E. Warren Airbase, Cheyenne, Wyoming, during the 1960s and 1970s.

attachment-WVM M114 9

Weight: 15,000 pounds
Length: 14 feet
Width: 7 ½ feet
Height: 8 feet
Crew: 3
Maximum Armor (Front): 1 ¾” (aluminum)
Engine: V-6 Diesel (160 HP)
Main Armament: M-2 .50 Heavy Machine Gun

Local Pilots Give Wyoming Kids A Free Flight

Does your kid want to be a pilot?

There is no way of knowing unless they get a chance to get in an airplane and get up there.

Thanks to a Wyoming chapter of EAA, (Experimental Aircraft Association), kids in Wheatland Wyoming got that chance this past weekend.

Local pilots offered free rides to all kids, breakfast included.

The hope is that maybe some of these kids will get that urge to want to fly and pursue a career as a pilot.

America needs more pilots.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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