Back in 2019 the Sheridan, Wyoming Travel And Tourism Board decided to put together a video showing how beautiful their part of the state is. You can see that video below.

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The team they hired came back with the most beautiful drone shots you'll ever see of the town of Sheridan as well as the mountains, rocks, and rivers of the area.

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If you've ever wanted to soar like a bird on the most beautiful days Wyoming has to offer and see everything from that high perspective then you'll love this video.

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It also covers events in the area as well as the seasons.

This means that these videos must have been shot over a year, at least, maybe even more. However long it took it was patiently done. Much praise must be given to the editing processes as well.

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Not many people living in Wyoming need a reminder of why they live here. But if you needed a quick refresher, this is it.

The video below will also make anyone from out of state want to come visit.

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