HEADLINE, May 14th'Aggressive' swarm of killer bees sting dogs to death in horror attack. "Firefighters tried to save the three dogs from being stung to death and took two of the surviving animals to a vet, but sadly all the pets have now died, it has been confirmed."

MOVIE IDEA! - Killer Bees Battle Murder Hornets!

For those who were not around for the 1970.s, the big scare back then was killer bees.

Newspapers and nightly news casts told stories of people being violently attacked by swarms as these highly aggressive bees began to swarm across the nation.

ORIGINS OF THE KILLER BEES: In 1956, colonies of African Honey Bees were imported into Brazil, they were cross-bred with local Honey Bees to increase honey production. In 1957, twenty-six African queens, along with swarms of European worker bees, escaped. They have gradually spread northward at about 200 miles a year into North America.

A made for TV movie was even featured about them showing a helpless population battling the relentless attack.

The story seemed to fade for a while, though a few new movies were made a decade or so later that did remind us of them. Like The Savage Bees and Deadly Invasion to name two. But they haven't been making headlines lately - so where have they gone?

Enter the year 2020. Global pandemic. What else could go wrong?

With COVID-19 halting the economy, which brought on so many other problems, we began to think - by May - that we had seen the worst the year had to offer. Then, MURDER HORNETS.

Are you done yet 2020? What next? Giant asteroid? No, that would be too obvious. Why not bring back KILLER BEES? Sure, lets go with that.

For those of you who keep asking, 'what's next?' Quit asking. Somebody is actually listening this time.

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