Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney has come under heavy criticism recently for a vote to impeach then-President Donald Trump in the U..S. House.

But the congresswoman also has her supporters, including former Cheyenne Mayor Marian Smith Orr. Orr took to Twitter on Feb. 6 to speak up for Cheney:

''I’m sickened WYO GOP is trending on Twitter as “leaders” in my party voted to censure @Liz_CheneyI’m WY GOP of the Al Simpson, Malcolm Wallop, and my first boss, Craig Thomas kind of Congressional leaders. Liz is as fine a public servant as we’ve ever had. A sad day for WY.''

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The state Republican Party censured Cheney last weekend for her vote to impeach Trump. They also called on the congresswoman to resign, something Cheney says she has no intention of doing.

Orr was elected as Cheyenne's first-ever female mayor in 2016 but was defeated in her re-election bid last year.

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