A handful of Republican operatives are quietly mounting a last-ditch effort to rescue Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney in Wyoming's August Primary.

Wyomingites Defending Freedom and Democracy is running digital and television ads and encouraging Democrats in the state to cross party lines and vote for Cheney in the Aug. 16 primary.

Some Democrats will. But not because Cheney is a liberal. She is far from it. It's because they want Trump gone and Hageman got a Trump endorsement while Liz voted to impeach him.

But many Wyoming Democrats are not happy with Cheney and want her gone too. A recent article in Cowboy State Daily is titled, Wyoming Democratic Congressional Candidates Bash Cheney. They hate that she actually voted for Trumps ideas over 93% of the time.

Conservatives for a Strong America is portraying Hageman as a fake conservative secretly in league with Cheney and critical of Trump.

Conservatives for a Strong America is also trying to boost two of Cheney’s other primary challengers in an apparent effort to split the anti-Cheney vote.

No matter what happens in Wyoming primary Liz Cheney says she intends to stay involved in Conservative issues and active in politics.

There is an opinion out there that Liz Cheney is less concerned with winning or losing than saving the GOP from what she thinks is a movement that is taking it in the wrong direction. That movement is led by Donald Trump.

In a recent ad, her father Dick Cheney attacked Trump. At no time did the ad mention the state of Wyoming.

Liz has constantly been the most conservative member of the U.S. House. But Liz and her father see Trump as poison to the conservative movement.

The primary deadline in Wyoming is August 16th, which, at the time this article is written, is just one week away.

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