Not many people around.

Forget shopping and restaurants.

No hookups for the RV.

Zero cell service.


This summer, as soon as the highway is cleared of snow, you might want to consider camping in Wyoming's Snowy Range if you have not been there yet.

Back in 2022 the couple that you'll see in the video below drive their RV up into Wyoming's Snowy Range for the first time.

They found a site to park and camp for a while.

In the video, the word "AMAZING" is used a lot.

"FREAKING AMAZING" was used once.

They found the area to be slow and quiet. So if you were looking for a place to decompress, this area would be about perfect.

They had to get used to the altitude. Most everything is over 10,000 feet.

The wind and the cold at the highest of these elevations, even in the summer, took a little getting used to.

There are hikes and lakes up in those mountains.

Think of the type of outdoor sports you like and bring them with you.

They filled their days exploring and their evenings relaxing.

They brought their dog and their cat, who seemed to be enjoying the mountains just as much.

attachment-Snowy range map

There are many camping areas on all sides of these mountains. So it's best to do what this couple did. Park in one area, and have a vehicle to get to everywhere else.

The Snowy Range Scenic Byway crosses the Medicine Bow Mountain Range and includes the 29 miles of theMedicine Bow-Routt National Forestportion of Wyoming Highway 130. this Byway is located in southern Wyoming and can be reached by exiting Interstate 80 at Laramie or at Walcott Junction approximately 20 miles east of Rawlins. (Snowy Range Scenic Byway).

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