The Nebraska Department of Transportation had a guest perching by one of its cameras early Tuesday morning.

The owl, let's name him Gary, landed right in front of the camera on Highway 80 near Highway 50.

This is Ohmaha Nebraska, which is on the extreme east side of the state.

According to a time stamp on the photo, the owl could be seen on camera just after midnight Tuesday.

This isn’t even the first time an owl has been caught on the 80/50 camera.

In the video below you can see how it was reported by a local TV station.

That's a really good picture.

The department posted a similar instance to X on February  2nd.

Is this the same owl?

Nobody is sure.

The one on X does look a little different.

What do you think?

It might not be Gary in the video they posted on Facebook.

Perhaps, if these pictures are not the same bird, this is an attractive place to rest for a bit and look for mice.

It's nice to see a sense of humor from NDOT as they call this guy,

NDOTS newest night shit recruit.

Now that these photos have been published on the internet this camera has become rather popular for online viewing.

Though nobody is really sure when Gary, or perhaps another owl, will show up next.

As you might expect with owls, they are typically spotted out at night.

A quick break from hunting on a high perch is just what birds like this are looking for.

Since it's Nebraska, there are not a lot of trees to hang out in.

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